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UHF - re:View

UHF - re:View

6 months ago

Freaked - re:View

Freaked - re:View

9 months ago

Half in the Bag: Verotika
Cabin Fever - re:View
Mike Was Wrong!!!!

Mike Was Wrong!!!!

10 months ago

Star Trek: Picard - re:View
  1. Dez

    Dez17 hours ago

    holy shit I hate that show lol

  2. Marshall Gregory

    Marshall Gregory17 hours ago

    1:09:40 ooff... that stings here in the future...

  3. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith17 hours ago

    So thrilled to hear another commentary track is on the way!

  4. The Empty Shadow

    The Empty Shadow17 hours ago

    They really should review the Stargate film

  5. Risen General

    Risen General17 hours ago

    23:23 watch Star Wars Clone Wars volume ii

  6. Risen General

    Risen General17 hours ago

    Watching this video, The Millennium Falcon is actually a hidden Easter egged I'm not gonna wait a hundred minutes to know for sure if he acknowledges it or not

  7. libraDoom

    libraDoom17 hours ago

    Phantom raiders sucks/ funny

  8. Keil Hubbard

    Keil Hubbard17 hours ago

    ROAR 5/6ths as good as Boyhood.

  9. Dirt McGert

    Dirt McGert17 hours ago

    Intergalactic would have been a better Beastie Boys song to go with.

  10. Zachary

    Zachary17 hours ago

    Lakefront Brewery Riverwest Stein. One of the best choices.

  11. Lynden H

    Lynden H17 hours ago

    One of the greatest movies ever; awesome story, fight scenes and music. I just wish Ajax was in it until the end!


    HEΛRTS OF SPΛCE17 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion, I know, but MoS isn't as bad as people say. Definitely better than BvS and JL combined.

  13. Andrew Sossaman

    Andrew Sossaman17 hours ago

    *PUNISHED RICH* _A man denied his diabetes medication_

  14. Craig Russell

    Craig Russell18 hours ago

    You guys are great... but the "Oh, my God!"s are not fun.

  15. [sorry if old comment]

    [sorry if old comment]18 hours ago

    Skipped to the end immediately to check who edited this, bless you Jay. ❤ (But also sorry)

  16. jahnali

    jahnali18 hours ago

    Love you, RLM!

  17. onlyAerik

    onlyAerik18 hours ago

    god, Mike, you're STILL getting things wrong. 1. The armor didn't come from a Asteria's fight _on_ the island. It was a fight to let the Amazons _escape to_ the island -- to the boats, actually. 2. Diana talks about trying to find Asteria and Diana directly found the armor. The armor wasn't "shipped to her" anonymously and for no reason, as you said here. 3. You still didn't deal with when you said that you don't recall that it was implied Diana raped the man whose body they've stolen. You were out of the room again when Diana and proxy-Steve woke up in bed naked together, which is one of _the_ Hollywood visual euphemisms for "we just had sex." Do us a favor and actually watch the movie. Do the job you're paid for, and watch the movie. Or refund your patreons, because you're not doing the job. You may even find you can write a more coherent review, because what you did the first time around stinks. For example: it's obvious that Diana would not have knowledge of Kristen Wiig getting her wish updated, so the armor makes no sense in any context that's actually given. At best they could imply that she gets her powers back slowly, just like she lost them, or the armor was originally meant for Max Powers, but the wing parts getting bent out of shape made them nonfunctional, and that's one reason she'd ditch them. Except they made the movie crescendo. Clearly there was retro-active editing and sound mixing. This is the director/writer not making up her damn mind. They just wanted the armor to set up and remind, and pay off the stinger, and that's it, and they didn't care about how they did it. that's a doable hypothesis, ain't it? And that's how you could've done a review. But all we got was, "wha? I missed it? this thing didn't happen (except it did you fucking idiot), so it doesn't make sense. OK next thing that I didn't get because of my own incompetence. Don't ever bash cinema sins, mike, now or in the future, and I hope you never have, because that was a cinema sins episode that you did.

  18. Matt McHugh

    Matt McHugh18 hours ago

    24:12 - HAAAAA!! I loved Mike's ignorance of the original, but casual knowledge of the sequel!

  19. Jack B

    Jack B18 hours ago

    Drawings literally are sketches.

  20. Eric Winkler

    Eric Winkler18 hours ago

    Was Rich drunk during this episode? He looks a bit drunk. But I thought he doesn’t drink anymore because he used to have a drinking problem? My brother also had a drinking problem which sadly took his life. Huge respect to Rich for overcoming his addiction. I hope I’m wrong about Rich looking drunk here. Hopefully he can stay away from the booze for good.

  21. Robert Blackmore

    Robert Blackmore18 hours ago

    That Chaz comment was ruthless.😂

  22. IFM

    IFM18 hours ago

    35:56 Such an beautiful, reality based scene many (most) movies lack

  23. Iji Modo

    Iji Modo18 hours ago

    My kids love this movie!

  24. David

    David18 hours ago

    "Somehow Palpatine returned" - STAR the somehow trilogy WARS

  25. Guzo116

    Guzo11618 hours ago

    Do this, but do it with each villain, make them gory, make them terrifying. Scarecrow and The Riddler would be perfect however they’re doing Riddler in ‘The Batman’

  26. dauntae24

    dauntae2418 hours ago

    “He wants to give her the Ginty” lmfao

  27. Sardonic Spartan

    Sardonic Spartan18 hours ago

    Season 3 is even worse

  28. Joshua Norris

    Joshua Norris18 hours ago

    Looks like aids.

  29. Joshua Hall

    Joshua Hall18 hours ago

    Unrelated to this film: Would like to know you're thoughts on David Fincher's "Mank".

  30. ColonelNegative

    ColonelNegative18 hours ago

    They did remake The Blob. See Ben Affleck in Phantoms.

  31. Cam Good

    Cam Good18 hours ago

    Love that Mike was egging on the Tums Festival argument

  32. D Bryan

    D Bryan18 hours ago

    Abbeville is pronounced Abbie-ville.

  33. tadahlia

    tadahlia18 hours ago

    I think the fourth movie got cancelled because Chris Pine et al wanted more money than the studios wanted to pay.

  34. Sandra Day

    Sandra Day18 hours ago

    There is a guy with a manbun this has to be Movie of the year!

  35. Rei Zak

    Rei Zak18 hours ago

    Only saw the beginning of this film as a kid and it traumatized me for years.

  36. Daniel Moore

    Daniel Moore18 hours ago

    What a cool dude.

  37. Imperial Spy

    Imperial Spy19 hours ago

    can anyone tell me who the old guy is that's labeled as baby yoda?

  38. Sam Hall

    Sam Hall19 hours ago

    RLM should seriously make and share a Google Drive document where they update Scientist Man's chart after every screening of a new Cameron Mitchell role.

  39. Heather Mason

    Heather Mason19 hours ago

    I was watching Stalker and my housemate started doing dishes 30 minutes until the end of the movie.

  40. hurrddurrrr

    hurrddurrrr19 hours ago

    When the fuck is that Orgazmo review coming?

  41. baronoflight

    baronoflight19 hours ago

    This movie was good you are all wrong I’m sry

  42. Heather Mason

    Heather Mason19 hours ago

    How many times has Rich gotten shot on half in the bag?

  43. t c

    t c19 hours ago

    Spoiler alert from 2 years later, Jay actually does turn into an action hero

  44. circosomatico

    circosomatico19 hours ago

    Man, when they talk about the three new mains being very good... That hurts, knowing how FUCKING UNUSED, MISUSED AND ABUSED they were in the next two films.

  45. Zackariah D. Hanna

    Zackariah D. Hanna19 hours ago

    is this the end for half in the bag?

  46. Lucky Man

    Lucky Man19 hours ago

    21:40 - is one of the best laughs I've ever gotten from an RLM video.

  47. Mister Derp

    Mister Derp19 hours ago

    I don't know that anything is scarier than having a person stand over you for hours while you sleep. Except sharks....sharks are scarier than that.

  48. Jason Gallagher

    Jason Gallagher19 hours ago

    12:50 uhh wrong. I guess this is before they knew that Palpy transferred his essence into a clone of himself.

  49. MasTriste

    MasTriste19 hours ago

    The very ending of this video is quite frankly one of the funniest things I have seen in a LONG time.

  50. DragonTamer31K

    DragonTamer31K19 hours ago

    Predator in the big city - A Disney channel exclusive

  51. Sean B.

    Sean B.19 hours ago

    Just take Plinkett to the movies with you!!! 😁

  52. MrWinterGuard

    MrWinterGuard19 hours ago

    "Mom Dad I'm getting drunk and watching rubbish you better come out and stop me"

  53. Avro Lancaster

    Avro Lancaster19 hours ago

    I wonder what happened to movie making? I wonder if it stopped being a meritocracy, and more knowing the right people to get the jobs, or spouting the right politics. They gave Star Wars to Rian Johnson for SOME reason after all.

  54. 20 Ton Chop

    20 Ton Chop19 hours ago

    The only good parts of these movies is these two dapper chaps jabbing jaw about how bad they are.

  55. Gaz 84

    Gaz 8419 hours ago

    18:45 .... I swear that was Kathleen Kennedy’s voice talking about the Force is Female or some shit.

  56. El Basto

    El Basto19 hours ago

    I never could get over the fact that it's a weapon designed by the USG to use against the USSR with cold as its weakness

  57. Thomas Birke

    Thomas Birke19 hours ago

    Uhm ... do you Americans still don't like MARS ATTACKS! ?

  58. Micalzon Cillo

    Micalzon Cillo19 hours ago

    night of the lepus is something that could work if it was animated, just like the original watership down. there's moments of true horror in there, and it's just about rabbits surviving in the field.

  59. Arthur Broady

    Arthur Broady19 hours ago

    One of the greatest reviews of all time. Great job guys.

  60. Zikari SG

    Zikari SG20 hours ago

    Love this movie, as you said, one of the best Lovecraftian movies ever made!

  61. Argov82

    Argov8220 hours ago

    Coming in 2022 "The Blob: Fuck Yeah" 'Cause that's...what it is!'"

  62. stephane matis

    stephane matis20 hours ago

    Man I feel old ... Pinto joke ... not a joke you mean. For me, the forever best gag is Chocolate Mousse loading his Thompson. I guess it counts as a gun nerd gag.

  63. Avro Lancaster

    Avro Lancaster20 hours ago

    They made this film for less than a single episode of Star Trek Discovery.

  64. marco jordan

    marco jordan20 hours ago

    ok... for the last 8 minutes now... and i have seen this episode before... i can't get over the name "crazy mc scissor punch"... mike's delivery has a big part in this as well (even better than the thing with the salamander), but... it is the best ever. sounds like a small, but very dangerous cartoon character.

  65. Trowa71

    Trowa7120 hours ago

    Is replacing ?

  66. Carson Lere

    Carson Lere20 hours ago

    The Donald Trump joke aged well......:P

  67. Red

    Red20 hours ago

    LMAO my city is responsible for ZAAT

  68. Cooper M

    Cooper M20 hours ago

    Every single Zoomer needs to watch this before circlejerking about how this is the most epicest bestest movie ever

  69. stephane matis

    stephane matis20 hours ago

    Blade had an excellent subsumed world building.

  70. Captain Howdy

    Captain Howdy20 hours ago

    i undertstand that this was nearly a decade ago, bit im very sorry that you had to sit through these movies.

  71. keith conti

    keith conti20 hours ago

    it is a representation of today.. everyone following a fad wearing a mask.. Looking at the ones who dont belong and say ,"WHERE IS YOUR MASK!!" since they believe the book of fouchy as their god. As the world destroys itself by belief only.. The sane have become insane to them for being human and breathing free.

  72. keith conti

    keith conti20 hours ago

    it is a representation of today.. everyone following a fad wearing a mask.. Looking at the ones who dont belong and say ,"WHERE IS YOUR MASK!!" since they believe the book of fouchy as their god. As the world destroys itself by belief only.. The sane have become insane to them for being human and breathing free.

  73. keith conti

    keith conti20 hours ago

    it is a representation of today.. everyone following a fad wearing a mask.. Looking at the ones who dont belong and say ,"WHERE IS YOUR MASK!!" since they believe the book of fouchy as their god. As the world destroys itself by belief only.. The sane have become insane to them for being human and breathing free.

  74. Josh Darling

    Josh Darling20 hours ago

    Props for "Female Trouble."

  75. funghazi

    funghazi20 hours ago

    If it got remade they'd probably call it The Blobbening of Abbeville: Based on a True Story

  76. Adrian Hetmanski

    Adrian Hetmanski20 hours ago

    Mike makes the best "movie trailers" sound effects =P

  77. Jeremy BrocknBlue

    Jeremy BrocknBlue20 hours ago

    If you guys have the kid that Michael Jackson was F ing on your channel again i will be unsubscribing.... the kid was left home alone with Michael Jackson for months..... i cant support the exploitation of children..... now the kids rich so he doesnt care that he got F’d or other kids are getting the same thing right now. Its disgusting and never have that kid on again.

  78. Dooleh

    Dooleh20 hours ago

    I don't know how they do it, but they often make me watch movies they don't recommend and completely ignore or regret watching the stuff they do recommend... I'm gonna watch bird box as it sounds like an M. Knight Shama... whatever his name is movie... and his stuff, be it good or bad, is always worth a watch.

  79. stephane matis

    stephane matis20 hours ago

    2020 called for a re-re:View

  80. Nate Higgers

    Nate Higgers20 hours ago

    Rich sure did talk a lot during this one. He seems to be getting more confident. I don't like it.